Jobs at Beeminder

We’re looking for people with lifehacking mindsets who are excited about Quantified Self and behavioral economics. We’re not currently looking for developers.

Our About Us page lists the team so far. We’re aiming for the ideal of a management-free organization, which so far, at our size, is easy.


No current openings. But please don’t be shy about contacting us to discuss future possibilities. We’ll have openings before long!

Our most likely next opening will involve a subset of the following duties:

  1. Support person
  2. Community manager
  3. Administrative assistant
  4. Office manager
  5. Integration partner liaison
  6. Digital advertising expert

What We Offer

A competitive salary! We can discuss equity if you like but we’d rather pay you in money. You’re independently wealthy and don’t need our money? Awesome, but you still have to take it. The expectations and the whole dynamic is very different with a volunteer vs an employee, and we want the latter. We also offer health benefits.

Our policies on work hours and vacation are unorthodox in the startup world. We don’t care what hours you work or when you take vacations, but we do care about the total time you spend on Beeminder. We very much understand the philosophy that number of hours shouldn’t matter as long as you’re making awesomeness happen. But we don’t work that way. We need, on average, about 40 hours of your time per week. You’ll track that on a yellow brick road with Beeminder, naturally. We’re dog food maniacs and you’ll definitely need to be too!

We should also be clear that, being a startup, this job will involve chaos and stress. But not (on average) long hours.


To apply, email We’ll be most impressed if you prove that you’ve read all our important blog posts. Other things to include: